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The children book illustration style ‘Almond’ is done using the soft water color technique. The character design can be whimsical to semi-realistic or realistic. This style is suitable for all kind of picture books for all ages and for book covers.

This is one of the classic children book illustration styles which is done in the soft water color medium. This is done with a lot of effort and the illustrations are very soothing to the eyes. The characters may be realistic or semi-realistic or cartoonist depending upon the script and requirement of the story. The background is of great importance and usually deep background can be seen in these illustrations which gives a very realistic feeling to these illustrations. These children book illustration styles are loved by the kids as these express real life like situations and even adults love this style. The expression of the characters in these illustrations are very normal and loud expressions are generally not give in this style of illustration just to maintain the soothing nature of illustrations. This style is suitable for human characters as well as animal characters and it goes along with both very nicely.