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Book Cover Illustration

Book Cover Illustration

Book Cover Illustration

Book cover illustration is the illustration/artwork which is seen on the front of the book and is usually the heart and soul of the book. When it comes to a children’s book, it becomes even more important to create it beautifully. The illustrator and the Author must communicate with each other and decide the look of the book cover illustration. It must convey the story and the readers must feel good after looking at it.

Everyone will look at the book cover illustration before making his/her mind and then decide about purchasing it. In case of E-books also, the book cover plays an equally important role. The other factors which are important in deciding the book cover are the size of the book and the theme of the book. Also, it is important to have the illustration style matching with the rest of the illustrations inside the book, specially for children book. In case other books, it must go with the story line and this should be usually left to the imagination of the illustrator.

The Author should be the final decision maker but the book cover must be shown to others to get a feedback and usually other Authors and relatives can be a good source from where a frank feedback may be obtained. In case the Author feels that there is some scope of revision, it can be conveyed to the illustrator. It must be conveyed to the illustrator in the beginning that flexibility will be an essential part of the contract in making the book cover illustration.

Usually, 1-2 revisions should get the Author the kind of design that he/she aspires and if this happens during the first attempt, nothing like that but it does not happen that ways. Other illustrations can be finished during one attempt, but book cover illustration, being the most important illustration deserves more time and it should be given that extra time.

Once the perfect book cover is created, you can really go ahead and print your books or put its e-book version on platforms like the Kindle and Nook, from where they are ready to be purchased. You will feel really more confident after getting the right book cover for your children book or other story book.

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