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I have written about the book cover design in the past also but this subject is so vast and so much is new every time I write that I always remain excited to write more about it. Any graphic designer cannot become a book cover designer and many times Author’s ask me if I can hire any graphic designer to do the book designing, my answer is very straight, do it at your own risk. It’s best to hire an illustrator with good knowledge of book designing. Actually the book cover is usually about the text portion on the cover illustration. A graphic designer with no sense of illustrations can almost spoil it. In case of novels and adult books also, there is usually a pic or an illustration in the background and the text is placed on that background.

The book cover is like the Passport to the sales of your book. The very first impression is created by the book cover. Imagine your book lying in a bookstore with 200 other books, getting just sufficient space to be seen by the readers. No one knows what the book is all about, for them, it’s just a book. The only thing which can motivate someone to ask the book keeper to show that book to him/her is the book cover design. It should be so good and meaningful to the story inside that the reader is bound to open it further. But again, if the cover design itself is not good, the book will never be shown to the reader because the reader will never ask for it.

Other important thing about the book cover designing is the selection of illustration or the image which goes on the top page. It is worth spending time thinking about the image or the illustration because as I said earlier, it is like the passport to the success of the book. The book cover illustration is usually the most meaningful illustration or most relevant photograph which can easily define the theme of the book.

Another important thing is the use of font of the text and the size of the text because it is very important to make the whole thing look good and look like one. It should not appear that the illustration on the cover and the text are not going in sync with each other. Before finalizing the book cover design, if there are a few revisions, the Author should not mind. Having a good reputation with the illustrator will always bring good result because the illustrator can show a few different options to choose from.

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