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Why RKS illustrations is the best children book illustrator for your children book

The illustrator Richa Kinra Shekhar is one of the most famous Children’s book illustrator and with many awards to her name, she continues to be one of the best illustrators. She started her career many years ago after completing her college. She started with Children’s book illustrations and still continues to do the same. She already has about 150 books to her credit.

Richa offers many style of children’s books to the author’s and she has developed these styles over many years after working on various story books. A children’s book is only half complete without illustrations and once the illustrations are complete, the book is complete. It is a fact that children love to see the pictures more than the story and it is also a fact that with beautiful illustrations the story becomes more effective and meaningful. Richa has an expertise in all age group of children, starting from toddlers to young adults. She has worked on range of topics from bed time stories & fairy tales, moral values, activity books, social issues, bullying, animal extinction, family values and many more topics which are very relevant.

Richa also offers book cover design and Book layout after the illustrations are complete. She has created many beautiful cover designs for children’s books and other books. Many publishers have worked with Richa to get illustrations and book design including the cover design and book layout.

On her website,, the portfolio of illustrations has more than 10 styles based on different stories. There are styles like the blush, almond, lemon, cherry, mint etc. Every style is unique in itself and some are hand painted style where as some are digital style of illustration. In case an author wants suggestions regarding style of illustration, she is always glad to assist them. Every style in the website has also been described clearly in order to help the author understand if that style is good for the story or not. Not everyone can offer you such details through her work as done by Richa.

Her approach of work has always been appreciated by all the authors who have worked with her. She enjoys a great review on internet, if you search for her name on the internet as “richa kinra”, you will find many books to her credit, which have been illustrated by her and published. There is also a long list of books available on In her long career she has been able to earn a very good name for herself as a children’s book illustrator and that is only and only possible with good work and professional approach. You can get in touch with her through her website,

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