Self Publishing

We are offering hardcover publishing, paperback publishing and e-book publishing options. With our children’s book self publishing services you also get the print on demand and global distribution of books on all major online book stores. Also, the royalty goes to the author as we don’t charge any royalty.

Hardcover Paperback
Cream 50lb(B&W) White 55 lb (B&W)
White 50 lb Cream 55 lb (B&W)
White 70 lb White 60 lb

Hardcover Paperback
Takes from 2 -7 Days generally Takes from 2 -7 Days generally

Hardcover Paperback E book
Suggested cost between $16.99 to 19.95 USD Suggested cost between $11.99 to 14.95 USD Suggested cost between $1.99 to $3.99 USD

Hardcover Paperback E book
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, , and all major platforms Amazon, Ingram, Baker&Taylor, Barnes&noble, Nacscorp and all major platforms Kindle direct publishing, Kobo and many others online book stores

Hardcover Paperback E book
0 % Royalty taken by us. The royalty is shared between book store and the author only 0 % Royalty taken by us. The royalty is shared between book store and the author only 0 % Royalty taken by us. The royalty is shared between book store and the author only

Hardcover Paperback
5X8 inches 5X8 inches
6X9 inches 6X9 inches
8X10 inches 8X10 inches
8.5X8.5 inches 8.5X8.5 inches
8.5X11 8.5X11
And other sizes And other sizes

Hardcover Paperback
Yes – Available Yes – Available

Hardcover Paperback
02 No. 02 No.

We are offering Children’s book self publishing as well as self publishing for all other books. With an expertise in self publishing we are very well placed in the industry to guide you step by step and ensure that you get published without any hassles. We will also ensure that you get the benefit like print on demand, global distribution, maximum options of trim size and also that you get all formats of publishing including the hardcover publishing, paperback publishing and the e book publishing.

When you choose our self publishing for print publishing, you can choose either the hardcover publishing or the paperback publishing. We will make the layout of the book accordingly to ensure that there are no errors with the printer. You may also choose E book publishing in combination with the print publishing (hardcover or paperback publishing). We will create all the required files and formats required for e book publishing.

The common problems faced by authors are selecting a suitable book size and the paper (in terms of quality and weight). Also, as an author you are not sure about the quality of printing. We will provide constant guidance and also solve each issue faced during designing or self publishing. In order to get a smooth self publishing service, it is important to adhere to various specifications while the layout and other designing processes are on going. Our self publishing consultant will be responsible to ensure that the whole process of self publishing is hassle free for you. Similarly , while doing e book publishing , a lot of problems may be encountered as we need to convert various files and we, as an e book self publishing company, have the best professionals who are extremely good at these technical requirements.

Feel free to get back to us with your queries, we will be happy to assist you.