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The citrus style of children’s book illustrations is done in digital illustration style. This particular style is suitable for animal characters as well as human characters. The coloring is soft and the background is detailed. The characters are mostly cartoon style or semi realistic. We can have all kind of elements in the background ranging from natural elements to manmade architecture. This style of picture book illustration is suitable for children books for all age.

There is no outline on the characters body which makes the character very much a part of the background and also the expressions have been moderately animated. This is also one of the reasons, that these illustration are so easy on the eyes. this same style some variations may be tried, like increasing the brightness of coloring and making characters more sharp. We can also make the expressions a little more animated if the manuscript demands.

Overall, the citrus style of illustrations is a very engaging illustration style with the option of enhancing its components like brightness, expressions and overall appeal. It remains a very popular illustration style among all authors.