The style ‘Christmas’ is done in water colors and the coloring is enhanced using pencil colors. This style is bright and is loved by kids of all ages.

This style of a picture book illustration is made manually and the resource used is a pencil sketch colored in water color and finally the coloring is enhanced using pencil color. The use of pencil color is done to give it a very clean finishing which is not possible with water color alone. If you look at the illustrations carefully, you will find very clear shades of ageing of walls, or old blanket, the student desks with very clear wood marks and wood finishing. These illustrations mostly focuses on the characters and the nearby background elements and far distance background objects are not used. The purpose is to engage the kid in the immediate scene and that can be done by making good use of expressions and making the characters look real. These characters are mostly realistic characters and little bit of cartoonist work can be done if the scene demands it.

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Picture Book Illustration

I have really enjoyed children book illustration styles for all of my author’s and publisher’s and i always try to create a very healthy working relationship with every one. I make sure that the picture book illustration are as much detailed as desired by the client and the quality is of best standards and most important, it is delivered on time or before time. I want to thank all my client’s for writing such encouraging words and it motivates me beyond imagination when most of my existing client’s(Author’s and publisher’s) come back to get their second or third picture book illustration. I also have some wonderful authors(Now very good friends with me) like Mina and Jewel who feel very attached to me and i also love to work for them. I would also want to mention about Victor who has been really helpful in guiding me . I want to thank all of you for having chosen me as your best illustrator and for having liked my work.