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My career as a Illustrator

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I am often asked, why did I choose the illustration as a career. Although I started it just as a hobby but then everything started falling in place and I started to get more projects. As a illustrator, there is a constant challenge of delivering the best as per a new manuscript every time.
Every Author has different expectations from the illustrations and every time I make sure that I create illustrations which can justify the Authors story. Initially there used to be a lot of revisions in my work but with experience things really improve, I now understand the requirements of every story much better than I used to 7 or 8 years ago.
I now work for many publishers from USA, Europe, India and many other countries and I feel that I have got better and better with time and specially when I am approached by the Publishers and self publishers, it feels really good.
I have now illustrated more than 180 books and I have enjoyed each and every children book because there is so much to learn through these stories and also I get to know so much about various cultures and issues like child abuse, animal extinction, disability, mannerism issues etc.
I believe that I have grown up as a illustrator and this career has helped me become a better human being and a better Mom. I really have a huge collection of various children story books which various Author friends have written and sent to me.
I derive a lot of inspiration from the fact that this small industry is growing and is good enough for talented illustrators to make a career out of it. The only thing is that one must have perseverance and the patience to do constantly well and also some marketing skills.
When good work is delivered to the client, you are bound to get more and more work and your work will be noticed by various publishers/Authors who wish to use illustrations which match your caliber.

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