The style ‘Blush’ is a kind of digital illustration. The outline in these kids book illustrations are done in self color. These outlines are done in Adobe Illustrator and then later the color is added in Adobe Photoshop to understand this better check the 3 steps which are carried out in this type of illustration style.

local children book illustrator

The character design can be cartoon or whimsical. The illustrations can be very bright or in pastel as the story requires. Click the thumbnail images to enlarge the pictures below.

This is a illustration style in which digital coloring is used and the sketching is done manually. After the sketching is complete, the objects and the characters are outlined in their own colors and black outlining is not necessarily done. The outlining is done in adobe illustrator and the coloring is done on the adobe Photoshop. This style of illustration brings a lot of life in the scene and the characters are made cartoonist and not very real and the proportions are kept close to a real character/object. Usually a little bit of background is applied in such illustrations to give a complete feeling of an illustration scene. I was awarded with the title of best local children book illustrator in one of the community competitions on which I illustrated a scene in the Blush style. This style has been in great demand by many Authors and publishers because children tend to love illustrations which are colorful and clean.