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The style ‘Fuchsia’ is a kind of digital illustration and is quite similar to style Blush, the only difference is that the outline in these illustrations are done in black color.

This is a kids picture book illustration style which is done in digital style. The sketch is done manually and the outlining is done in black color and finally the color is added in adobe photoshop. The characters and objects are all having a black outline. If you look at this kids picture book illustration style, you will realize that the expressions of the characters are loud and the illustrations are very dynamic and bright colors have been used. The characters are more animated and not very real in appearance. This is one style of illustration in which both backgrounds are used, the deep background as well as the immediate background. The use of background totally depends upon the requirement of the scene and presence of characters. The main emphasis still remains in the action in which the character is involved and these illustrations clearly convey the action which is taking place.