Published Books

The list of published books which have been illustrated and designed by me are mentioned below. I have illustrated more than 250 books and most of them have been published. You can also search the books on Amazon or internet with the book title.

  1. Jamie and the Angel: Meeting Her Guardian Angel
    by Carol Guy
  2. Cinderella’s Magical Chair  won the America’s prestigious silver Mom’s choice Award.
    by Jewel Kats
  3. little bird you are perfect
    by Shelley Joy
  4. Pirate Gabriella Sails the Five Oceans (Gabriella Books) won 1st Annual Royal Dragonfly Book Award
    by Jerry and Patsy Di Leo
  5. Grumpalina
    by Jeffrey Mendelsohn
  6. Princess and Missy’s magical adventures
    by Michelle Nicole Martin
  7. The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale has won a silver medal from Mom’s Choice Awards
    by Jewel Kats
  8. Gracie’ greatest gift
    by Ginny Cruz
  9. What do you use to help your body has been a part of Ability Magazine (USA).
    by Jewel Kats
  10. Lily’s Rose
    by Tamara Lichtenberg
  11. Dhruv and Kiki and the Sari Tent
    by Sonia Kumar
  12. Penelope Pratt’s Hats: A Young Girl’s Dilemma Turns Rhyme to Reason
    by Amy Kron Lipson & Lee Laddy
  13. A Guardian Angel’s Lesson, Your Precious Gift From God
    by Deanna Hurtubise
  14. The loneley christmas tree
    by Shannon Glenn
  15. The Little Hands That Pray
    by Tillie Rosbor
  16. Stubby and the big storm
    by Cathy Carmitros
  17. Gabriella and her berry good friends has been a finalist for Best Book Award, USA
    by Patsy Di Leo
  18. Rufus Rules! (From Underdog to Top Dog – A Playful Journey of Acceptance)
    by Lee Laddy & Amy Kron Lipson
  19. Six Bees for Children: A Collection of Educational Wisdoms for Children
    by Dorothy Calhoun
  20. The Adventures of Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog – I Like That I am Green and You Are Blue
    by Mina Coccia
  21. The Adventures of Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog: I like what I can do when I try!
    by Mina Coccia
  22. A Bully For Berla: Playground Escapades
    by Michelle Alexiou
  23. Children at the Battle of Gettysburg
    by Robert Jones
  24. God Moves The World: Prayers and Contemplations for Barack Obama
    by Marie Pierre
  25. Penelope’s Big Day: Early Childhood Life Lesson
    by Iris H. Benn
  26. Who Are You Calling a Bully?
    by Nadia Porcelli Munisteri
    by Hilda Clark Evans
  28. Santa Claus:The Fourth Wise Man
    by Tommy Baker
  29. Reena’s Bollywood Adventures
    by Jewel Kats
  30. Serenity’s Story
    by Michael Saunders
  31. Annabelle’s Secret: A Story about Sexual Abuse
    by Amy Barth
  32. The soap bubble frog
    by Brandi Lawson
  33. ABC’s and Yummy Treats
    by Autumn Morgan
  34. The good manners brigade
    by Martin Wellman
  35. The alley that wanted to be a street
    by Kirkland Morris
  36. Will was all boy
    by Ami Barth
  37. Debra meets her best friend in kindergarten
    by Debra Maymon
  38. Moongi and Mohan: A Story From India As Told To Me By My Mother
    by Sudesh Singal
  39. My Own Angel
    by Rosemary Talucci Forian
  40. Kids Get it: Shrinking our Carbon footprint
    by Sue E. Gove
  41. Mother Nature and Mz. Bee
    by Mina Coccia
  42. Birthday Costume Party
    by Tara Scott
  43. Little Irma Shirley and the Wand of Better: City Adventures
    by Victoria Forsberg
  44. Teddy Bear Princess: A Story About Sharing and Caring
    by Jewel Kats
  45. From Thailand With Love: The Story of a Fostered, Adopted Child
    by Marliss Melton
  46. Have You Ever Heard a Rooster Crow at Night?
    by Wendy “Woo” Smith
  47. My Manners Hands
    by Tamara Lichtenberg
  48. Jingle and Bella Save Christmas
    by Chris Beckman
  49. Whiz Kidz Devour the Dancing Blues
    by Peter and Dowdy Andrea Card
  50. Santiago’s Sombrero
    by Carolyn Findlay Davis
  51. The Blue Book: A story about the benefits of giving back
    by Ethan Epstein
  52. Tiny’s second grade field trip
    by Robert D. Walls
  53. Max and Moxie Go To Boston
    by Gail Stakhanov
  54. Tessie and Nessie go to Spa
    by Ms. Sylvia Louise Andrews
  55. Cover Illustration for ‘Archie and the Treasure Map’
    by J.P. Murray
  56. Cover Illustration for ‘Archie and the Normandy Assignment’
    by J.P. Murray
  57. Little Britches
    by Sandra Edwards
  58. The Story of OlaRose and Obiola, the Twin Angels
    by Olachi Mezu
  59. Why pastor’s kids refused to go to church
    by Chuaro Zuzo,Grace Zuzo
  60. Mom I found a bunny
    by Mitzi Boles
  61. Fuzzball goes to the mall
    by Stacie Luann
  62. Megan’s big birthday
    by Doug Drago
  63. God is Enormous
    by Miranda Dixon
  64. Daddy Please Don’t Cry: An Angel Tale
    by Miranda Parbhoo-Conyers
  65. Magical marissa
    by Doug Drago
  66. Emilie is princess for a day
    by Randi Hull
  67. A Christmas wish for baxter
    by Randi Hull

Here is the list of the unpublished Books which will soon be published and will be available on or other online bookstores

  1. Nathan Has a Dream
    By Gerald L. Foster
  2. Inside the Mommie Pond
    By Beverly Williams Adewoyin And Dana Williams Pristell
  3. When Pigs fly
    by Nana Natividad
  4. Adventures of Fred and Layla
    by Telia Bennett
  5. Mom why brocollis
    By Aleksandra
  6. The home work slime
    by Patrick
  7. The blue fairies saved christmas
    by Teresa
  8. The dad’s market
    by Ami Rouge
  9. The anitgravity ron
    by David Neslund
  10. Tippy Tom Tippet
    by John Tippet
  11. The gir forest
    by Mina Coccia
  12. Debra likes being the oldest
    by Debra Maymon
  13. I love my daddy
    by Ken
  14. Sock’s Fairy
    by Ami Rouge
  15. Dad’s Market
    by Ami Rouge
  16. Elven Rhyme: journey through time
    by Chitra Sukhu
  17. Back to the future for career
    by Baron Jay
  18. Hidden Pictures
    by Jim Lynch
  19. History images
    by James Gentry
  20. Paddy the pig in pigs can fly
    by Kieran O’ Connell
  21. Armadillo and the shoe
    for Gondal Press
  22. Angel Babies
    By Sharon Newman
  23. The lost puppy
    by Fay Vaughn
  24. Mckayla the girl with special hug
    by michelle long
  25. Elmer the boy who didn’t
    by Terry
  26. Oh so many seeds around
    by Jessica
  27. The lost dog
    by Joe Carl
  28. Beetles
    by Faith Wairegi
  29. Shawna’a secret
    by LaVada Davis
  30. North Star
    by Lorraine Smith
  31. Bear and Wolf
    by Meredith Karle(maureen)
  32. Rama’s Adventure Island
    by Kristin Sharell
  33. I never get what I want
    by Eileen Jolliff
  34. Color of People
    for Anirudh
  35. Thingy
    for Anirudh
  36. Different profession
    by Joel Carson
  37. Daniel’s mad
    by Tyra Wilson
  38. Untitled story about a village girl
    by Bolaji Ladipo
  39. Untitled story about popcorn boy
    by Theresa Renee Miller
  40. Mountain Boy
    by Alison Sanchez
  41. Granny and the Amish Ducks
    by Diana Estlack
  42. Edgar Allan Pony
    for Tate publishing
  43. Tarot cards
    for Jewel Kats
  44. Poem Hee Haw Henry
    by Linda Chambers
  45. A language book called ‘Oju u Sanmo’
    by Bolaji Ladipo
  46. Jiali’s Traveling Heart
    by Betty Maclean


My Publishing Achievement as a Kids Book Illustrator

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on every kids book illustration that i have done in my career. Some of them are still under making and many of them have got published. In this section, i have placed the names of those children story books which have been published and already available on major sites like Some of these book are going to get published very soon and will be available in the market for reading. I am really thankful to such wonderful authors/publishers who have shown their faith in me and who made it possible for me to reach such high figures of books. If i have to give an exact numbers of books which i have illustrated in my career, then it would be close to a 230 book.

I am sure that your book can be a part of my collections as i keep my illustration prices lower than most other kids book illustrator and i have always finished my books before the deadline. I am an Army Major’s wife and thus the punctuality is something which is an inherent quality in me.

Published Childrens story Books List

Please have a look at the list of book and also search them on Google or and if you like them then you may purchase them and if you want some samples from me, then i will be more than happy to do them for you. I hope to receive a feedback from you. It will really motivate me. Its always a great feeling when the book is published because then it reaches millions of Children and when they appreciate the artwork, the hard work is justified. As a kids book illustrator, one wishes to be loved by the kids from all part of the world. This is what motivates me to keep doing more and more children story books. I keep updating the list of my Published books from time to time as i get the notifications from the Author’s and i also invite you to get your book illustrated by me, so that i can list your book in this big list.