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This illustration style is done in water color and with black outlines making the illustrations look very clear and sharp.
This illustration of children books is done in water color and a black outline is used on the characters and the objects. The speciality of this illustration style is that both real as well as cartoon style or whimsical style of characters and objects may be created in this style of illustration. The illustrations look very clear and sharp as the outlining is done is black. The scene captures the attention of the viewer in the action which is taking place and a lot of background is not used, unless demanded by the scene. As the attention is brought to the immediate scene, the expressions become very important and thus the characters are very clearly made very expressive. These illustrations complement the text very well because the text is clearly illustrated through the artwork of this style.

Illustration portfolio gives you a wide amount of choices to choose illustrations from. It’s always advisable to explore more and more illustration styles for your book. It may take you few weeks to months before finalizing the final illustrator. When you see the illustration portfolio of an illustrator, you should try to align your story line with the illustrations present in the portfolio. Every story deserves a different style of illustration. There are many possibilities like the water color and the digital illustration. As an Author you must explore more and more and then choose the illustration style and the illustrator.

Water color and digital illustrations have some fundamental difference. Water color are more soft to the eyes and the digital illustrations are more vibrant and dynamic. Both the types of illustrations are popular among the children and loved by the kids. Earlier the Author’s preferred after color over the digital illustrations but now the trend is changing. Water color still is preferred by many Author’s but many are also preferring the digital illustration.

We have many options in both the styles of illustration in the illustration portfolio. We can have realistic , semi-realistic, whimsical, cartoonish, comical illustration styles etc. These styles look equally good in water color as well as digital illustrations. The point to consider here is, whatever style you chose, it must be suitable to the story. You can also ask for suggestions from the illustrator because at times the illustrator has experience and can suggest you good points after reading your story/scenes.

You can explore various styles form the portfolio and make notes of the ones which you like the most. Then further analyze the styles which you feel are the best. Also, you must ensure that the illustrator of the particular style is available for your project and ready to take the assignment. Finding the right illustrator is very crucial and once you find, it’s a great news.