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How to Write Children Story Books

Children story books are the story books meant for children. There can be various types of children’s books and it can be a story book, fairy tale, educational book, moral value based book, activity based book etc. All these types of books are meant for children of various age groups. While writing any children’s book it is important to understand which age group of kids you are focusing. Once you are clear with the theme and you have started writing the story you must also simultaneously start your research about finding the illustrator for your children book as well as the publisher. In the nut shell, there are three important processes that any children’s book has to go through, manuscript, illustrations and publishing/self publishing.

The children books have a huge market and kids all over the world in various age groups love reading books specially because of the beautiful illustrations in them. It is very important to find a good illustrator and now it has become very easy to be able to distribute your book throughout the world specially with the E-books and also the availability of your book on platforms like the

It is also important to have a good book cover as well as a good book layout which is usually a part of the book designing and you must see the proof of the final copy. If you are self publishing, this service may be offered by the self publisher or you can hire some designer to do this. Many illustrators also offer this service, so in case your illustrator can do this, nothing like that. Once you are through with the illustrations, you can apply for an ISBN number as well as a barcode. In case you decide to self publish with createspace, you will get a free ISBN number.

As far as the printing is concerned, an Author should try to keep it POD (print n demand), whenever the need, you may ask for a copy of the book. No need to maintain any inventory and only order during the need. One should also decide about the marketing strategy, because the self publisher don’t give you the distribution, marketing becomes very important for selling the book. You should get a website made and link it with the facebook as well as the twitter. Also the various forums and communities of children’s can be joined for a good networking and this increases the chances of selling the book.


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