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How to Choose Right Illustrator

How to Choose Right Illustrator

Children books are an essential part of every child’s upbringing and they enjoy reading them or looking at their pictures. It is a fact that the children books intended for age group below 5 years are mainly dependent upon the illustrations, primarily because kids are more interested in looking at the illustrations and they have the capacity to imagine things and the pictures which help them imagine things and make them ask questions are a hit with them. Stories do play a very important role for kids above 5 years of age. Illustrations play important role in all kind of children’s books. If you ever happen to ask any kid, what you like about a book the most, the reply will be the pictures or the illustrations. If you have done a lot of hard work thinking about the theme of the book and writing it, then you should keep in mind that illustrations will be equally important.

Next question that arises in your mind is, how to find one. The answer is to this question is start finding. You can take help from the internet and google “illustrator” and you will find a lot of links to various websites or individual illustrators. You can have a look at their work and decide if their style suits your story. Then you can discuss the pricing as well as the other important points which should come in the contract. Yes, “contract”, it is very important to have a contract signed and all the terms and conditions properly mentioned in that. Many times a lot of issues arise and you may find yourself on the losing side if the illustrator is causing unnecessary delays or asking for a fee raise in between the project. It’s best to have an agreement in effect before starting the project.

Style of illustration shown by the illustrator can be verified by getting a sample made first and it can be a paid sample, this is very crucial because the sample can give clarity about the suitability of the illustrator for your project. The sample should ideally be made before signing the contract. Based on the sample, you can decide if you want to award the contract to the illustrator or not. You must discuss the time line in which the illustrator will complete your story and also make sure that whenever you are required to give a feedback to the illustrator, you are quick in doing that. Any unnecessary delay from Author’s side must be avoided for the benefit of the book.

Once you are able to choose the right illustrator, keep the illustrator motivated by telling that you like his/her work and also share your concerns if you are not happy about something in the illustrations. Having a good relationship with the illustrator of your book can be very helpful because you will not have any stress because of interpersonal relationship and both of you can completely focus on the book. Keep reviewing the illustrations as you start to receive them and also show it to others for their feedback, but don’t keep passing each feedback to the illustrator, only share those feedback which actually makes sense and are in the best interest of the book. Always appreciate the fact that creating illustrations to an illustrator is what writing a book is to you, so when two right professionals form a team, the result will be great.

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