Question: How can we get started with the picture book illustration?/What illustration process do you follow?
Answer:  The illustration process is a very simple one which is really appreciated by all the authors and publishers from all over of the world.

1. You choose a style from the 14 children book illustration styles from my illustrator portfolio section and notify me while contacting (contact me Section). In case you are not able to decide on the illustration styles, you may send me details about your children book story and I will be able to help you in choosing the best suitable style for your children story book.
2. Depending upon the children book illustration style chosen by you and the background details, you will receive a quote, i.e. price per illustration.
3. Illustrations will start with 50% upfront payment (Total project cost depending upon total number of illustrations). I will send you all the sketches/pencil work for approval. After all sketches are approved they will be colored.
4. After the quote for payment is given to the author/publisher, a contract (work for hire) is signed between me and the author/publisher. You can request for a free contract. I shall be more than happy to provide it to you.
5. Once the contract is signed, the project starts. You may mention your deadline, if any in the contract.
6. You will need to send me the scene descriptions (notes for illustrations) and I shall do your first sketch. The first sketch will be sent you to for approval and if you suggest any modifications, it will be carried out in the pencil sketch. Similarly all other sketches will be done. After all the sketches are approved, coloring of illustrations will be done.

Question: What about the deadline of illustrations?
Answer:Depending upon the nature of illustrations, I will give you a tentative/approximate deadline for your illustrations. I will try to stick to the deadline but it is also author’s responsibility to give a quick feedback so that overall speed can be maintained.

Question: Who will own the copyright of the artwork/illustrations?
Answer: Following two things are given free of cost to the author/publisher
– Free contract copy.
– Ownership of copy rights.

Question: Can you make a sample illustration?
Answer: Yes off course, I shall be happy to do a sample for you. It will be a paid sample and will cost you same as one illustration. You will need to choose an illustration style from my portfolio and inform me..

Question: Who all are in your list of authors?
Answer:I have worked for first time authors as well as published authors. I also illustrate for many renowned publishers.

Feel free to let me know if you have any queries!