Sienna is a beautiful style of illustration which is a part of digital illustrations. This style is loved by the children in the age group 4-10. The colors used are very bright and lively. The characters are whimsical and cartoonist and they are very expressive. The characters look very excited and full of life. The scenes are mostly illustrated in outside setting with natural items like the sky, sea, trees etc in the background. The use of background in the illustrations is detailed and adds a lot of attraction to the illustration. This style of illustration is specially suited to animal characters but can also be used for human characters and both look good. Stories which are based on adventures are very suitable for such illustration style because the illustrations will make the story very engaging to the children and children will simply love such illustrations.

Children’s book illustrations is an art meant for children’s book and it is very relevant as the books are mainly read because of the beautiful illustrations. Since the target audience are kids and they love colorful and vibrant pictures, the books must be more of illustrations and less of text. They don’t prefer reading very much, so everything must be conveyed through these beautiful illustrations.

Depending upon the age group of the illustrations, the illustration is decided in terms of the style and detailing and also the colors to be used. There may be more background details or less background details and the characters may be realistic or cartoonish, the colors can be more vibrant or less vibrant. All these details are decided based on the story as well as the age group of the readers. Hiring an experienced or a famous children’s book illustrator can help you because the illustrator can make various suggestions which are very helpful. But it is not always necessary to hire famous children book illustrator. If you are on a budget and if you can take the pain of selecting a suitable style and shortlist among various illustrators, then its fine.

A famous children book illustrator can help you a great deal. In my case, I have been awarded on various occasions and I am also recipient of many nominations. When I read the story, I make my mind and create my ideas about the illustrations and share with the Author. After a discussion, we come to a common conclusion and then I start the illustrations. I always make sure that I keep the Author in picture because I really respect their views.

As a new illustrator, I kept adding styles to my portfolio and did all assignments that came my way. I still take most of the assignments and I am not hesitant of taking any project which is someone’s first writing project. If I like the idea/story, I usually take up the assignment and do my best. That , I believe is the reason which made me a famous children book illustrator.