Choose any style for your book from the styles shown below. When you will click any style, more images will appear belonging to that particular style. You may select any style for your children’s book.

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Illustration Styles

I always used to wonder how to make the children’s book illustrations section of my  website . It was a very difficult task for me and i was really confused about it. I finally decided to pick 16 names and categorize various children book illustrations under these 16 names. I came up with 16 different illustration styles with names like Lemon, Blush, Ebony, Charcoal etc. I have placed similar children book illustration styles under one name so that the Authors/Publishers can choose one style name and see various illustrations of that style. These 16 styles have been selected from various books which have been published or are about to be published, these include hand painted illustrations( mediums like water color, crayons, pencil work etc) as well as digital illustrations( photoshop, illustrator, falsh etc). I am comfortable making all kind of artwork ranging from whimsical illustration, ralistic illustration, semi realistic illustration, comical illustration, editorial artwork, magazine related illustrations etc. I can also create new styles depending upon the requirement of the story or the Author’s/Publishers request.

How to choose the right illustration style for your book

I have worked on more than 250 Children story books so far and if you search me on the internet, you may get close to a 5000 links immediately. You will find a variety of  illustrations styles there but i wanted to categorize my children book illustrations in 16 styles for your comfort. Names have been given to every service like the Charcoal, Lemon, Coral, Imperial etc. These names are completely the by product of my mind and have got nothing to do with those substance. These 16 styles includes hand painted illustrations, digital illustrations and black and white illustrations. Its my endeavor to give the best possible service in terms of children book illustrations and that is only possible when you have a choice to make out of the options given to you.

Depending upon the need of the story and the kind of background and other detailing needed, you can select a particular style from the portfolio and E-mail me, or you can ask my help in selecting the right illustration style for your Children’s book. Please note that your E-mail must have a subject which says” Suggest a style”. You can send me any one scene from your story and i will get back to you with my recommended style of illustration for your children’s story book.

While contacting me through the “Contact” page, please do mention the Illustration styles name for which you would like to get a quote for your book. The illustrator are only defined by two things, a great children book stories and beautiful illustrations styles. Also, visit my testimonial pages where authors have shared their views and their experience of working with me.