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Children Book Publishing

For every Author who has finished writing a Children’s book, the next step is to publish it. This is usually the most challenging part of any author’s life. If one can get a publisher who is willing to publish the work, it’s good but if there is no one to publish the story, then one is on his own.

Children’s book in itself is a very huge industry and there are millions and millions of readers and with the advent of Internet, it’s much more easier to be seen and liked by the Children and their parents. The scope is increasing day by day and it’s not mandatory to be published only by a reputed publisher. Thousands of Authors are self publishing and getting successful in their journey of Children Writing. Many self publishers are available to publish your book, they of course charge you for offering the design service, but at least they create your book print ready and also help you in getting other important things like the ISBN number and Copyrighting your story.

There is nothing which you cannot do on your own and still self publish, but since the self publishers have the expertise, going to them can make your life more comfortable. In fact you can hire freelancers for each function separately at a lower cost, but then there are other confidentiality issues and also the fact that they may not be as reliable in terms of deadline and trust worthiness.

After the designing service is over, which usually includes the book cover design, illustration layout, text layout, inside page setting, font setting etc and the book can be sent to the printer and you can also decide to publish an E-book. It is highly recommended to have an E-book because it’s very simple to sell it and most people prefer to buy E-books now. It can be read on the phone, ipad, tabs, laptop etc. Many Authors are increasingly making use of the Kindle service (Amazon kindle), where the E-book is publisher for sale.

Once this part is over, the marketing comes into play and promotion of the book must start. Physical marketing like networking with a local school, library, community etc and internet marketing like website, facebook, twitter, blogs, press release etc must be planned smartly. Professionals can be hired for marketing service or it can be done by the Author also, depending upon the budget decided for marketing.


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