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The indigo style of picture book illustration is a classic children’s book illustration style. The medium used is water color after the pencil sketch is approved. The characters may range from humans to animals and the character type can be semi realistic or realistic. The use of background s not limited with this illustration style. We can have a limited as well as a deep background and we can include all natural as well as other items in the background effortlessly.

The best stories for such illustration style can be culture based or events based (like down the memory lane, depicting particular culture or festivals). The general mood is happy and easy going and the characters are usually composed. The expressions used are not very animated and thus giving a feel of ease and relaxation.

This style of children’s book illustration can be used for all kind of stories and has a flexibility of incorporating changes in expressions or coloring style.

This style of illustration has been one of the favourite styles of authors from the beginning and this style is going to stay there forever. Even in the present time, many authors are choosing this illustration style because of its simplicity and a deep connect which is established with children and all readers.