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Book Layout

Book Layout is the process which makes your manuscript ready for print in the form of a book. After your manuscript is written and edited and the illustrations are complete, then you move to Book layout. IN this process, the manuscript and the illustrations are designed in the form /dimension of page (depending upon the book size selected). The font of the text and size of the text is selected. Also, a number of pages are also added which are required as per standard format of any book.

These pages include
1. Author’s Page
2. Introduction
3. Dedication Page
4. Title page
5. Copyright Page
6. Preface/Prelude

There may be more pages added but I have mentioned some of the pages. These are very important pages and need to be there in order to give your book a standard look which is recommended.

Children’s book have fully colored inside pages in most of the cases, so the pages must also have designing items like the borders and spot illustrations. Kids will not like plain pages as much as they love the designed pages. You can see many children’s books on the internet with colored/designed inside pages.

Usually when the book design is complete, you will get a PDF as a proof copy from the illustrator/designer and you will be asked to approve everything before it is made final. It is recommended that you check the manuscript for Grammatical mistakes once again because once everything id final, it is not easy to change it.

From the designing point of view, you must ensure that the design is looking good and not out of proportion at any place or spread out. The combination of colors must be done in such a way that its soothing to the eyes and in case of adventurous books, you may go a step ahead and design the inside pages with funny creatures that can attract the attention of the kids.

One more important thing to keep in mind is whether you want spread illustrations or one page of illustration and one page of text. In case of spread illustrations, you will need to have text on the illustrations itself and thus the designing/layout needs to be done carefully.

A children book with beautiful inside page designing will be loved by children.

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