Book Covers

This section shows the children’s book covers design and the book layout samples. Once the illustrations are complete, usually you take those files to a designer or a publisher who will make your manuscript and illustrations in the form of a print ready book. You can’t just put the illustrations and story together and print it, you need a book cover design and inside page layout, also need to add pages like Author’s page, introduction page, copyright page etc inside the book. All the text and images should be properly arranged to make them appear good when the print is taken.

Usually, an Author faces a lot of difficulty in switching the illustrations from the illustrator to the designer/publisher. Secondly, the charges for making the files print ready are very high, when you get them done by designer/self publisher.

In order to remove this problem, I also give children’s book cover design and book layout, which means that you can take the print ready file for your book and give to any publisher of your choice. You can get the book cover design and book layout at very reasonable price. Contact me for more information. I have been doing cover design and Book layout for more than a decade and many Publishers use my service for their clients. You have the option of working with me directly and that too at fraction of the price charged by other designers and self publishers.

You can select any style for your children’s book cover or book layout from the samples or give your ideas, based on which I will design the cover and inside pages of your book.

1.Book Cover Samples

2. Inside Book Layout Samples (Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication Page, Text & Illustration Layout)


my work as a Children’s Book Cover Designer

Every book needs a good looking cover which can convey the complete meaning of the book. Usually everyone decides after looking at children’s book cover design, if the book is worth buying or not. The book cover illustration should be the best illustration from the book and should have important characters in it. If possible the illustration should be one of the scenes which is an important scene from the book which is good enough to capture the heart of the book.

In case of non picture books, the illustration must be made and it should convey a feeling which is central to the story and must go with the title of the book.

Explore various children’s book cover design done by me for various Authors and publishers. Every cover conveys something important about the story and i spend a lot of time in deciding the book cover design and also show some samples to the Authors/Publishers so that they can be involved in the whole process.