Olive is a water color based illustration style which is very beautiful style and is loved by children of all ages. The style is semi realistic and the characters are not very cartoonish but they still look very eye catching. This style is equally suitable for animal characters as well as human characters. The color used is very soft and looks very beautiful and soothing to the eyes. The background use in the illustrations is detailed and natural setting gives a real enhancement to the illustrations. The expression of the characters are very good and the characters look very lively and expressive. The background has trees, sky and other natural items and the scenes are mostly created with outside setting. By simply looking at the characters, one can easily understand what is going on, in the story. This style of also very good choice for whimsical characters and choice of characters depend upon the story.

Award Winning Illustrator

Is there really a difference between an award winning illustrator and someone who has not won an award? My answer to it is no. There was a time when I just started my journey and there was no appreciation and no awards. It really took a lot of hard work and consistency. One thing was there, all Authors appreciated my work and I had variety which was liked by kids also. I always made sure that before starting any project, I used to understand the requirement of the story. I also make sure, even now, that I share my ideas with the Author.

Having called award winning illustrator definitely makes you more confident, but it does not make any other difference. When I had no awards, at that time also I worked in the same way in which I work now. Being an award winning illustrator I still charge the same price which I charged earlier and I still make the Author’s confident about my work. It’s my endeavor to give my best to each project which I chose. Giving a good illustration is what is behind my mind all the time. I always evaluate my work with two things, how is the story benefitting with this illustration and how are the kids going to find the illustration. If I am satisfied with these two things, I am generally happy.

I create illustrations in both styles, that is the hand painted as well as digital, in my observation , both are very good mediums because the kids love both. Many Authors still prefer the hand painted illustrations where as others prefer digital illustrations. Sketching in both cases is done manually and coloring only starts after the sketches are approved. In case of changes or revisions the sketches are revised and resent for approval. It’s very important to get the sketches right because it is the foundation of any illustration.

Many of the books which I have illustrated have done well, the details are present on my website and I have already done more than 150 books so far and may Authors have done two books, even three books with me. I will say that I have been lucky that the kids have really loved my work so far and I keep improving my style and keep adding new styles to my portfolio.