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The style ‘Coral’ is done in digital colors. These illustrations are crisp and neat and very suitable for kids story books, text books, magazines and comics.

This kids book illustration styles is done in digital medium after the sketching is done. The main focus is on the characters and very less background elements are used. The illustrations are also suitable for articles and children books where a message is conveyed. These illustrations are usually based on some typical situation between group of people or few people. The color used is not very bright as it was important to retain the personality of the illustration and since there is a message transfer that needs to take place, more emphasis is given on the scene itself and the situation. The situations involved are from day to day life and various issues that need attention and when ignored , become problem areas that need solution in order to live a peaceful life. These illustrations find a lot of value in editorials for young adults, also in children books which deal with social messages, parent education etc.These illustrations are also very suitable to be used as book covers.